pub fn path_beneath_rules<I, P, A>(
    paths: I,
    access: A
) -> impl Iterator<Item = Result<PathBeneath<PathFd>, RulesetError>>
where I: IntoIterator<Item = P>, P: AsRef<Path>, A: Into<BitFlags<AccessFs>>,
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Helper to quickly create an iterator of PathBeneath rules.

Silently ignores paths that cannot be opened, and automatically adjust access rights according to file types when possible.


use landlock::{
    ABI, Access, AccessFs, Ruleset, RulesetAttr, RulesetCreatedAttr, RulesetStatus, RulesetError,

fn restrict_thread() -> Result<(), RulesetError> {
    let abi = ABI::V1;
    let status = Ruleset::default()
        // Read-only access to /usr, /etc and /dev.
        .add_rules(path_beneath_rules(&["/usr", "/etc", "/dev"], AccessFs::from_read(abi)))?
        // Read-write access to /home and /tmp.
        .add_rules(path_beneath_rules(&["/home", "/tmp"], AccessFs::from_all(abi)))?
    match status.ruleset {
        // The FullyEnforced case must be tested by the developer.
        RulesetStatus::FullyEnforced => println!("Fully sandboxed."),
        RulesetStatus::PartiallyEnforced => println!("Partially sandboxed."),
        // Users should be warned that they are not protected.
        RulesetStatus::NotEnforced => println!("Not sandboxed! Please update your kernel."),